Pools Winter Closing Instructions

One Week before closing, pour ____ounces of Pool Magic+PHOSfree into the skimmer  with the pump running.

  1. Remove any debris from the pool using a leaf rake, leaf bagger or skimmer net.
  2. Brush and vacuum the pool.
  3. Pour __________ounces of ProTeam Metal Magic around the perimeter of the pool with the pump running.
    Wait 1 hour with the pump running.
  4. Adjust the Total Alkalinity to 80-120 ppm, depending upon the type of primary sanitizer used. (80-100 ppm for sodium hypochloite, calsium hypochlorite or lithium hypochlorite and 100-120 ppm for dichlor, trichlo, and bromine tablets.)
  5. Adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6
  6. Adjust the Calcium Hardness to 200-400 ppm
  7. Add ______ounces of Algeatec to a bucket of water then pour around the perimeter with the pump running.
    Wait 4 hours with the pump running
  8. Broadcast _______pounds of Proteam Quick Shock across the pool surface.  Note: use initial doseage levels
  9. Bring the chlorine level to 2.0-4.0 ppm.
    Wait 8 hours with the pump running.
  10. Backwash or manually clean the filter.
  11. Lower the water level below the skimmer and all return lines (normally 18 inches below the tile line).
  12. Remove the drain plugs from the pump strainer basket housing, the pump volute, the filter tank and the heater.
  13. If the pool has a booster pump or automatic chlorinator, drain them.
  14. Turn off the main power supply and remove the on and off trippers from the time clock.
  15. Position the multi-port valve handle between any two settings.  This will ensure all ports are partially open to allow for freeze expansion.
  16. Place all the drain plugs in the pump strainer basket and repalce the lid. 
  17. When the water is completely drained out of the plumbing lines, put winterizing plugs into the return line and skimmer line.
  18. Add swimming pool anti-freeze to all lines at the rate of one gallon per 10 feet of pipe.
  19. Refill the pool to 4” to 6” below the skimmer inlet in vinyl liner pools or 4-6” below the tile line in gunite pools.
  20. Remove all ladders, hoses, and over-the-top skimmers.  Remove the automatic pool cleaner and drain it completely.  Store in a non-freezing location with the hoses straight.
  21. Install the pool cover.
Andrew Ivy