Summer Maintenance For Water Gardens

The steps described below are intended to guide you through the process of summer pool maintenance.  Always read and follow the product label directions.

  1. In the Summer, the pond life is thriving and we are able to enjoy the beauty of our pond. A few simple maintenance steps will ensure a season of beauty and tranquility. De-chlorinate with Crystal Clear Vanish after refilling the pond.
  2. Remove any Barley Pellets that were added in the spring.  Using Barley pellets during the summer can actually promote algae growth.
  3. Once a week test your water levels for Phosphate, Nitrite, Ammonia, and pH.
  4. Treat any excessive Algae growth with Crystal Clear Algae Off. For a Crystal Clear pond apply Biological Clarifier once a week.
  5. Remember to continue fertilizing your plants with Crystal Clear Thrive Plant Fertilizer.
    Remove dead foliage from the pond.  The leaves of plants will yellow and brown as they age.  When this happens, it is best to cut them off.  This reduces debris buildup in the pond, provides more room for new growth, and improves the appearance of the pond.
  6. Feed your fish well but do not over-feed.  Feed no more than the fish will eat in 5 minutes.
  7. Continue cleaning your filter as needed, making sure not to over-clean.
Andrew Ivy