Spring Maintenance For Water Gardens

In the Spring, the water begins to warm and we can see the pond beginning to come back to life. This is an important time to get the pond going in the right direction.

  1. Un-winterize the pond. 
  2. Start feeding the fish when the water temperatures reach 50-60 degrees.
  3. Remove any debris the accumulated over the winter. Add PondFlush to accelerate the natural decomposition of any remaining debris.
  4. Add Crystal Clear Nature's Choice Barley Clarifying Pellets to help keep water clear during early and mid-spring.
  5. Add water if necessary and Crystal Clear Vanish to remove chlorine. 
  6. Begin cleaning your filter as needed.  Ponds with a skimmer or other pre-filter will need to  clean the pre-filter or skimmer most frequently.  Your biological filter needs to only be cleaned with the flow of water is being restricted due to accumulation of debris.  When cleaning a biological filter, do NOT over-clean.  It is only necessary to remove the debris that is restricting the flow.  Over-cleaning the filter can destroy the bacteria that has colonized on the media. 

What about my plants?

  1. Fertilize each plant and place at appropriate depth.  Liles and Lotus should be fertilized every 3-4 weeks, marginals every 5-7 weeks with Crystal Clear Thrive.
  2. Add new plants as needed as the weather becomes appropriate for each plant.  Add floaters such as Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce (late spring after danger of frost has passed)
  3. Divide and repot plants as needed.
Andrew Ivy