Fall & Winter Water Garden Tips

The temperatures are falling and it is time to secure your pond for the winter. What should you do?

  • Remove all debris with a coarse net
  • Remove all sludge covering the bottom with a fine net or vacuum.
  • Do a 50% water change. While you are changing the water, stir up any remaining sludge and clean the bog and/or marginal shelves.
  • After everything is clean refill your pond with tap water or well water.
  • Add Crystal Clear Vanish to remove chlorine.

What about my fish? 

  • Once the water temperature reaches 55-60 degrees eliminate high protein fish foods and replace with wheat germ.
  • Feed the fish about 20% of the amount you would feed in the summer.
  • Stop feeding the fish when they stop coming to the surface for food or when they leave the majority of their food uneaten.

Will my fish freeze?

  • No, if your pond is at least 30” deep your fish will go to the deepest part of the pond where the water will not freeze.
  • If your pond is less than 30”, your should install a pond de-icer and an aerator in the pond.

What about my plants?

  • Before the first frost trim bog and marsh plants to about 4” tall. Place them in the deep end of the pond or until the pot is fully submerged.
  • Pull out the water lilies and trim off all the leaves and buds. Put them in the deepest end of your water garden where they will
    “hibernate” for the winter.
  • Discard any tropical lilies as they are annuals and won't survive the winter.
  • Discard floating plants such as water hyacinths and water lettuce.
Andrew Ivy